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We also love our Land Rover Defenders and hope that we can offer you another alternative for your galvanised chassis replacement project.
All chassis legs are fabricated from 2.5mm mild steel as standard with a 3mm option. The rear cross members on our Land Rover chassis are made from 4mm mild steel plate as standard with a 5mm option.
At Shielder Chassis, we love Land Rovers as much as you do.
We specialise in manufacturing chassis for Land Rover Defenders because we are passionate about these unique and enduring machines and want to help you keep yours moving.
Whether you are Defender mechanic, collector, or you’ve just picked up your very first one, you won’t find another chassis supplier that’s as fanatical about them as us.

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We believe in the value of quality workmanship and building to last.

Some chassis suppliers buy them in pieces and slot them together – not us, we build all ours from scratch from mild steel.

From flat sheet to finished product, our chassis are made in-house by our highly skilled staff, using locally sourced materials. We take care of every aspect of production with care and precision, from CNC cutting to folding and welding. Our chassis are also galvanised to prevent rust and help keep your Defender running.

And it’s not just about a brilliant product: our service is second to none. We get why you love your Defender so much, we speak your language.

If you have particular requirements, talk to our experts about how we can customise your chassis and add bespoke elements such as engine mounts or towing brackets.

We also offer a complimentary galvanised bolt in cross member when you buy any Shielder Chassis.

Our yard is based in Ireland and we also have a depot in Stratford upon Avon. We can also ship overseas to most locations. For example, we send a delivery to the UK mainland every two weeks and can deliver your chassis right to your door.

If you love your Land Rover Defender and want to give it the best, get in touch with us today. We can keep you on the road for longer. If you are ready to buy, we take card payments over the phone.

Or tap to call and speak to one of our experts about how we can personalise your chassis.