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lrm replacement bulkhead guide banner 05

Land Rover Defender 130 2.5 (1983 - 1990) Bulkhead

Shielder Chassis took the OEM bulkhead design and improved it.
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Our 1.5mm single skin design has a worldwide patent pending. More than 3000 Shielder bulkheads have been purchased by the Land Rover restoration community.
Product Details
  • Manufactured by Shielder Chassis in the UK
  • Only company to offer heavy-duty 1.5mm single skin bulkheads. Our unique single skin bulkhead design has a worldwide patent pending.
  • Did you know that we are the only maker of galvanised Land Rover bulkheads?
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • All Bulkheads have the correct brackets for the model required
Product Disclaimer
Whilst every care is taken to replicate original specifications, on some occasions, holes may be missing to suit various fittings on various models of bulkheads.

Where a hole(s) needs to be drilled after galvanising, it is recommended that a good quality zinc rich paint is applied to any raw edges to protect from moisture.
If mesh panels are to be fitted to the vents, we recommend for ease of fitting, the vent mesh panels are fitted before the bulkhead is installed on the vehicle.
This can be done by drilling holes and using pop rivets, self-tapper screws or if you prefer not to drill any holes, by using a few spots of good quality, strong product like Tec 7 to fix them in place.
We also recommend the fitting of part number: MUC4299 vent seal (Series 3) type seals.

The bulkheads may also need to have rivet nuts (also known as rivnuts, nutserts and avdels) or captive nuts fitted in order to bolt on some fittings.
Addition – For the Puma bulkheads – Our Puma bulkheads do not come with the extended gearbox tunnel cover that are on the original Land Rover bulkheads. These will have to be sourced from elsewhere.

How to place your order:
Over the phone on 0116 497 6898
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£1,400 (£1,680 inc VAT)

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5 Year Warranty

Product Description & Details

Long has been the struggle with Rotten bulkheads being repaired and then attempting to be galvanised to end up with a warped piece of rubbish.

Shielder Chassis are delighted to be the first UK company to offer new steel galvanised Defender bulkheads to the Land Rover restoration market.

Our bulkheads are fabricated from new 1.5mm mild steel and galvanised after manufacture. Great care has been taken to match every pressing curve and contour to leave the finished Bulkhead with minimal remedial work to be done prior to painting. Each bulkhead comes complete with seam sealer applied to joints.

Finished weight 32kgs

Raised Welds After Galvanising

One common thing we hear people ask after receiving their bulkhead is;
‘Why does our welds look so visible and protruding?‘

‘Why do you not grind and polish them down?’

‘Why don’t you spot weld to help avoid this?‘

The answer is that we decided to eliminate double skinning (a process Land Rover used) on the bulkhead to prevent moisture & rust traps. As we don’t double skin instead we have increased the strength of the steel from 1.0mm (Land Rover OEM) to a heavier 1.5mm steel. Spot welding does not work on this heavier steel. The additional benefit of upgrading to 1.5mm steel is that the entire bulkhead is strengthend throughout. Read more on the benefits of a Shielder Bulkhead vs that of a Land Rover original.

We know that our customers take a lot of time and pride in their work, and want their completed vehicles to look their best.

As Defender owners ourselves, we understand this desire for OEM perfection, and so we strive to produce high quality products that make our customers happy.

Achieving a high quality finish and appearance is just as important to us as it is to our customers.

Below is a short description on what causes raised welds;

The raised welds are not a result of neglect during manufacturing, or that we couldn’t be bothered to take the time to grind & polish the welds down. In fact, all welds on Shielder Bulkheads and Chassis are ground and polished flat before galvanising.

Here is the actual reason behind the raised welds;
Raised welds after galvanizing are a common occurrence in the fabrication industry.

During the galvanising process the metal is submerged in molten zinc at approximatley 450 Celcius. This rapid change in temperature causes a differing chemistry between the steel and the weld material — namely the silicon level.

Some concentrations of silicon can speed up the metallurgic reaction between the zinc and steel, causing rapid large crystal growth. This in turn, causes the welds to become raised in comparison with the surrounding steel. So after the galvanising process the human eye is easily drawn to the welds and as a result opinions form.

So the preparation before priming and painting is equally as important as to the painting itself.

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