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Land Rover Series 2A 6-Cylinder Galvanised Bulkhead

Sc0230522 Guarantee Badge V03
Sc0230522 Guarantee Badge V03

Land Rover Series 2A 6-Cylinder Galvanised Bulkhead

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The only bulkheads on the market constructed specifically for galvanising. Click to Read More

£1,850 (£2,220 inc VAT)

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Keeping Standards High

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A replacement chassis and bulkhead are the most structurally integral components of your Land Rover. All Shielder products are manufactured to meet UK and EU engineering standards and have been subjected to the most stringent of tests.

Each product is covered by an Insurance Approved Certificate of Conformity. The result is peace of mind to you, knowing your Land Rover is restored using the highest quality components.

Compatible Vehicles & Body Types

Compatible Vehicles

Compatible Vehicles

  • Series 2A 109-inch 2.6L 6-cylinder Petrol 1967 - 1971
Body Types

Compatible Body Types

  • Pickup
  • Hard Top
  • Station Wagon

Product Details

Handmade in the UK by Shielder Chassis
Made from British steel. All our bulkheads are formed and fabricated in-house, to exact specifications, by experienced fabricators.
1.5mm heavy-duty single skin design
Our 1.5mm single skin design has a worldwide patent pending. Specifically designed to withstand the galvanising process; free from distortion.
More than 3000 Shielder bulkheads have been purchased by the Land Rover restoration community.
5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
We are proud of the workmanship and quality that goes into all our products.
Every bulkhead comes with our 5 year warranty.
Galvanised for extended product life
Bulkheads have the correct brackets for vehicle model required

Shielder Bulkheads Are Unique

Exceptional Quality Ensures An Accurate Fit
Detailed Like An Original But Re-Engineered Specifically For Galvanising
Quality Of Workmanship We Personally Guarantee

Shielder have been manufacturing bulkheads for years. With nearing 4000 units manufactured our machining and assembly processes are refined and matured, producing accurate fitting bulkheads.

Shielder set out to manufacture new bulkheads that could be galvanised, as galvanising greatly extends the life of a metal product.

To achieve this Shielder needed to re-engineer specific sections found on the original bulkheads. The problem is, original bulkheads are double platted (sheet metal layered on top of sheet metal) in the footwells and across the middle of the bulkhead, above the transmission tunnel.

The double platting does not allow the bulkhead to be properly galvanised and instead leads to early product failure.

read why in more detail

To overcome this problem and ensure a bulkhead can be properly galvanised Shielder re-engineered the bulkhead to have no double platted sections. 

Our design is unique, and no other bulkhead on the market offers this.

Shielder bulkheads are manufactured from thicker sheet steel than the original bulkheads, 1.5mm verses 1mm. The outcome is a stronger bulkhead that can be properly galvanised with no negative impact.

With years of bulkhead manufacturing experience, we are confident our bulkheads will fit and restore your Land Rover.

As a guarantee of quality and workmanship we offer a 100 day returns policy in exchange for a full refund.

Australian Stockist

Shielder Chassis is proud to partner with LR Partshop located in Sydney, Australia.

For all Australian based enquiries please contact LR Part Shop directly.

Lead times and delivery costs to Australian based customers are most accurate when dealing directly with LR Partshop.

Lr Parts Shop Ayers Rock 1200Lr Parts Shop Sydney Opera House 1200

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Made in the UK

Galvanised finish

More details coming soon

Raised Welds After Galvanising

Shielder Raised Weld After Galvanising

One common thing we hear people ask after receiving their bulkhead is;
‘Why do the welds look so visible and protruding?‘

‘Why not grind and polish the weld down?’

‘Why don’t you spot weld to help avoid this?‘

The answer is that we decided to eliminate double skinning (a process Land Rover used) on the bulkhead to prevent moisture & rust traps. As we don’t double skin instead we have increased the strength of the steel from 1.0mm (Land Rover OEM) to a heavier 1.5mm steel. Spot welding does not work on this heavier steel. The additional benefit of upgrading to 1.5mm steel is that the entire bulkhead is strengthend throughout. Read more on the benefits of a Shielder Bulkhead vs that of a Land Rover original.

We know that our customers take a lot of time and pride in their work, and want their completed vehicles to look their best.

As Defender owners ourselves, we understand this desire for OEM perfection, and so we strive to produce high quality products that make our customers happy.

Achieving a high quality finish and appearance is just as important to us as it is to our customers.

Below is a short description on what causes raised welds;

The raised welds are not a result of neglect during manufacturing, or that we couldn’t be bothered to take the time to grind & polish the welds down. In fact, all welds on Shielder Bulkheads and Chassis are ground and polished flat before galvanising.

Here is the actual reason behind the raised welds;
Raised welds after galvanizing are a common occurrence in the fabrication industry.

During the galvanising process the metal is submerged in molten zinc at approximatley 450 Celcius. This rapid change in temperature causes a differing chemistry between the steel and the weld material — namely the silicon level.

Some concentrations of silicon can speed up the metallurgic reaction between the zinc and steel, causing rapid large crystal growth. This in turn, causes the welds to become raised in comparison with the surrounding steel. So after the galvanising process the human eye is easily drawn to the welds and as a result opinions form.

So the preparation before priming and painting is equally as important as to the painting itself.

customer feedback

Recently purchased a bulkhead for my Land Rover.... really impressed with the quality and professionalism of the team. There knowledge and advise was invaluable! Cant thank you enough!
Land Rover Profile Image Small
Nigel Loughran
Shielder Chassis are a brilliant Company to deal with. We have purchased a galvanised chassis, front bulkhead and bolt kit for our 200Tdi. Fantastic quality, price and workmanship on both items and each bag in the bolt kit is labelled for easy identification. Paul and his family & team are lovely genuine people who are always available for advice and technical support. They go over and beyond from initial enquiry to sales and delivery. Their aftersales care is second to none and we would highly recommend them.
Land Rover Profile Image Small
Andy & Julie
Bought a chassis and bulkhead two months ago. Undercarriage, engine and gearbox fitted now and all holes lined up perfectly.
Very good quality and the company is very easy to deal with.
Land Rover Profile Image Small
Thomas O Shaughnessy

Quality Guaranteed


All Materials And Skilled Workmanship Are UK Based Providing To You a High Quality Product


Every Chassis And Bulkhead Comes Protected With Our 5 Year Warranty


Having Manufactured Thousands of Units To-date Our Products Are Top Quality.
For Extra Peace Of Mind We Now Offer 100 Day Returns.


Speak To Us In-Person.
Our Phone Lines Are Open To Help And Support You; Before, During And After Sales.


Please message us if you have product questions or need help with your restoration project. We are happy to hear from you.
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Warehousing. UK dispatches and collections.
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