Main Chassis Legs
2.5mm Mild Steel

Rear Cross Member
4mm Mild Steel

Outriggers and Spring Seats
3mm msp


We love our Land Rover Defenders and can offer you the perfect replacement galvanised chassis for your next project.

  • All our Chassis are built by hand, to exacting specifications, by experienced fabricators.
  • Main chassis legs from 2.5mm mild steel as standard. 3mm available on request.
  • Rear cross member 4mm mild steel as standard and age specific.
  • Outriggers and spring seats all from 3mm msp.
  • All defender chassis come complete with galvanised bolt in cross member.
  • We deliver to UK & Ireland
  • Expert knowledge
  • 5 year chassis warranty
Manufactured in the UK


All our chassis are manufactured by us in-house with locally sourced materials.

28 years of fabrication


All our operations are performed in-house by our experienced staff.

Bespoke Orders


Need something extra? Engine mounts or towing brackets. We can add.

All Shielder chassis come with a 5 year non-transferable manufacturers warranty
Covering the integrity of the chassis for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

What Clients Say

"It was a great fit and was very pleased."

Michael Gallagher, Gee Whizz 4x4

Co Donegal

“We’ve had 8 chassis to date from Shielder Chassis and have been happy with the fit and and good service we receive from the guys.”

Gordon Shutler


"Let the build begin, Chassis arrived looks absolutely cracking. Slowly my dream is getting closer each day. A very kind thank you to Paul from Shielder Chassis, he has been very helpful and gone above and beyond just selling me the chassis."


"Top quality, don't even want to take it out to get it dirty."

Thomas Skillen

"Just taken delivery of a 90 200tdi chassis. Great service, great workmanship!"

Gordon Shutler

THE PROCESS All our Chassis are built by hand, to exacting specifications, by experienced fabricators.

We use flat decoiled sheet cut to length. We CNC laser, plasma and waterjet cut all the components in house to a flat profile.

We then fold out all the required parts (98 in total) and press out all the outriggers in a specially formed die and then move to sub-assemblies

In sub assemblies the rear crossmember, the A Frame crossmember along with the bulkhead outriggers are fabricated in jigs ready to move onto the main chassis jig.

The chassis legs are fabricated and fully welded on all four sides and then moved to the Main jig.

When in the main jig all fabricated components are brought together to be squared and tacked up. At this stage we add engine mounts and rear cross member and any required extras to suit the order.

We weld up the chassis in a rotater which turns the chassis 360 degrees and keeps all welding on the flat and speeds up the process.

After welding and cleaning the chassis goes to get galvanised.


Here are some frequently asked questions we are often asked. If you have any other questions about our products, that you can't find here, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any queries you have.

We like all chassis manufacturers use a jig?
Ours is made based on the measurements of an original good chassis free from damage or repair.
The jig is square! and made on beams so its a pretty heavy duty bit of kit.
In theory all original chassis’s should fit like a glove into that jig but that is not always the case, we have seen differences of up to 15mm in certain areas and this is because they were hand built.
Common Problem...The bulkhead and engine mounts are good but sometimes at the rear there are differences at the tub fixing points and also shimming the tub
All shimming may be required to help with the door fit.
When you take a 25-30 year old Aluminium body that has been slowly distorting as the chassis fails it will not and cannot be possibly the same shape as it left the factory and therefore with the additional stresses added to it whilst being removed from the chassis the body will be twisted .
Whether you leave the doors on or take them off use a 4 post or wing it from a front loader on a tractor the body is going to move.
Sometimes holes will need drilled and reamed and cross-members lowered to suit  but nothing major.
What is Galvanising
All galvanisers in the Uk work to the same standard.
There is no cheap galvanising. It is all to the same standard. Some of it looks nicer and brighter than others if the plant uses a certain method. But it will all fade and go dull within 3 months or less.
Why is there rust coming out of this joint or bracket?

It's not rusting its an acid trap or a pinhole that has filled with acid during the process that weeps when the chassis cools. Sometimes weeks later.

Are all your Chassis custom made?

Yes all our Chassis are built by hand, to exacting specifications, by experienced fabricators.

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver to all parts of the UK and Ireland, there are minor exceptions but we can discuss this on order

Can I pay by card over the phone?

Yes you can call and order over the phone and make payment by credit or debit card